Backplane & Line Card Connectivity

Photo by Maxiphoto/iStock / Getty Images

Robust signal integrity is critical to designing and deploying the the system level boxes required for the next generation cloud-scale datacenter, high performance computing, and enterprise build-outs.  Credo’s high performance solutions deliver the long reach performance at the industries lowest power making them ideal for designer to use on backplane, line-card, and in ACC.


Credo Copper Connectivity Solutions:

Retimer / CDR Devices:

  • CRT2524 – 100G (4x28G NRZ to 4x28G NRZ PHY)
  • CRT5024P - 200G (4x56G PAM4 PHY to 4x56G PAM4 PHY)
  • CRT5028P - 400G (8x56G PAM4 PHY to 8x56G PAM4 PHY)
  • CRT50216P - 800G (16x56G PAM4 PHY to 16x56G PAM4 PHY)

Mux / Inverse Mux Devices:

  • CMX22550P - 200G (4x56G PAM4 to 8x28G NRZ PHY)
  • CMX42550P - 400G (8x56G PAM4 to 16x28G NRZ PHY)


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